Jane Johnson | Agile Delivery Specialist

Jane is a high calibre senior scrum master & agile delivery manager with more than 20 years digital experience and over 10 years of success leading all phases of diverse, creative technology projects.

She’s passionate about digital excellence, transformation and coaching teams to work effectively together.

  • Expert in agile practices and a transformation specialist. Able to serve and lead multi-disciplinary project teams and known for high-quality, user-centric deliverables.
  • Capable of bringing enthusiasm and awareness to projects, applying expert judgment to the removal of impediments, keeping teams focused, continuously improving and delivering success in rapidly evolving and dynamic environments.
  • Excellent communicator; strong oral and written communication skills and easily builds rapport and trust with people in all roles.
  • Strategic thinker; creates clear action plans aligning business goals with creative, innovative technology solutions.
  • Experience of giving guidance on agile practices, generating requirements, user journeys, story mapping, user stories and UX; over 5 yrs experience building services that adhere to GDS guidelines.

See my Linkedin profile for a complete list of my credentials.

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