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Digital expertise

With over 20 years working in digital technology, I've got the creative background and technical experience to help progress your digital project.

Agile digital delivery

Agile methodologies, amazing user experience, building in feedback loops, teamwork and collaboration, lessons learned and retrospectives, understanding the business and knowledge sharing are a few of my favourite things. If you want to deliver something I can help you make it happen.

Consultancy, usability & beyond

Years spent in advertising, marketing, technology and everything digital were not years spent in vain. Everything I do now, is a progression from where I've been before. Contact me to find out if I can help you too.

Serving the digital community since 1994

About Me

I’m a high calibre senior digital delivery manager with more than 20 years digital experience and over 10 years of success leading all phases of diverse, transformational technology projects. Talented and ambitious, I am passionate about digital excellence. I’m a strategic thinker and can create clear action plans aligning business goals with technology solutions to drive process improvements, competitive advantage and bottom-line gains.

An excellent communicator, with strong oral and written communication skills I thrive at building rapport with internal and external stakeholders. Expert in agile and waterfall project management methodologies, I’m adept at managing large project teams and known for high-quality deliverables that meet or exceed timeline and budgetary targets. I have in-depth experience of transformation pieces, and know how to avoid the pitfalls when transitioning from waterfall to agile, having worked in both spheres.

I excel at bringing enthusiasm and awareness to projects, applying expert judgment to the removal of impediments, keeping teams focused and delivering success in rapidly evolving and dynamic environments.

Despite using the word an awful lot, I really am on a mission to make the word ‘digital’ obsolete – promoting an integrated, collaborative approach to creating innovative and useable applications.

Recent achievements include:

  • Managing and coaching a new team of full stack developers, BAs, and UX designer to remediate and deliver a large portfolio of small systems (200+) for the Department of Work & Pensions. We delivered 2 high quality, open source, digital solutions, based on cutting edge microservices architecture using the principles of the world renowned UK Government Digital Service Design Manual, within the first 6 months, despite a number of obstacles encountered during this initial phase.
  • Agile coach for both team and incumbent DWP staff, practising Scrum & Kanban, as well as engaging with the local tech community and helping to drive a community initiative in the Capgemini North East community
  • Lead team to successfully deliver beautiful, responsive website for Birmingham Airport 30% quicker than planned by adopting agile working practices, and closely focusing on user needs.
  • Instigated cost-effective online help desk to transform handling of external client support processes, previously managed ad-hoc by multiple internal staff, enabling more efficient issue tracking, reporting and billing.
  • Played a key role in developing the vision and strategy for the winning pitch that secured a £350k+ contract to deliver a social platform for jobs.co.uk. Lead the client on a journey to radically shift their traditional business model by embracing new technology and developing a deeper understanding of Millennials and how they use online tools, to steer their business towards new audiences.

I have worked in digital since 1994. Prior to this I was a Graphic Designer and Production Manager in the design and print industry.

See my Linkedin profile for a complete list of my credentials.


I have managed and worked on a wide range of projects for a variety of prestigious clients including:


Department of Work & Pensions
Bentley Motors
Jaguar Landrover
Lafarge Tarmac
Birmingham Airport
HSBC Bank International
Generali International
States of Guernsey
States of Jersey
Opus Private
Louvre Group International
First National Bank International
Long Port Group
A. Edmonds & Co.


Recent achievements include:


  • Delivering a large programme work that crosses over a number of business critical areas within HMRC, matrix-managing a number of multidisciplinary scrum teams
  • Transformation of existing processes in the delivery space to support a fully agile ways of working.
  • Coaching both colleagues and stakeholders to adopt better agile working practices, in line with the principles of GDS.


  • Scrum Master/Digital Delivery Manger, working within a team of around 20 developers, BA, UX, & QA, embedded with end users, remediating a series of small systems (200+), using microservices architecture to develop cloud based solutions and closely following the principles Government Digital Service Design Manual.
  • A fully agile team of mixed abilities, contracting and permanent staff, based in Newcastle

Jaguar Landrover

  • UX and strategy development on jaguarlandrover.com website – this was a brand new site and took JLR into the previously unexplored area of a dual branded digital platform.
  • Project management of Land Rover UK finance calculator to integrate new finance provider, managing complex mixture of non-digital financial IT consultants and internal finance staff at JLR

Lafarge Tarmac

  • Successful delivery of the Lafarge Tarmac website, working with agile development team. Many personnel changes for a project that only took 6 months to deliver, made this a challenge in terms of continuity.

Birmingham Airport

  • Project director on Birmingham Airport website. Accessibility and website uptime are critical to the success of this project.

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